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3 Things Cosmetic Surgeons Don’t Tell You

Although cosmetic surgeons are required to inform their patients of all risks involved, sometimes they leave out details. Quite a few physicians may also be guilty of downplaying the pain involved in the procedure or amount of recovery time needed. As a patient undergoing a surgery you are entitled to all relevant information as it relates to your procedure. Listed are below is a compiled list of things plastic surgeons do not always disclose:

1. Amount of pain involved

It is difficult to gauge level of pain when you are not directly experiencing it. For this reason sometimes doctors underestimate the amount of pain their patients experience during recovery time. Before your procedure you may hear you doctor describe post surgery pain as “moderate discomfort”. In reality the pain you experience may be excruciating. It might quite possibly be one of the most painful experiences of your life. Another thing doctors are never quite able estimate is amount of recovery time. Depending on a number of factors such as age and type of procedure your recovery time may vary. A doctor may suggest two weeks off from work, you may actually need an entire month. The operating doctor may be able to inform you of potential risks but they can not predict post surgery complications. Complications can extend recovery time from weeks to months. Complications may also amp up the amount of pain you experience, this is also something a doctor can predict

2. Legitimacy of procedures

With the introduction of social media and constant internet access it has become incredibly easy for people to get access to counterfeit cosmetic drugs such as botox and self inject. It is also becoming quite easy for illegitimate surgeons to advertise procedures. These illegitimate surgeons usually have limited medical training but offer cheap services. People with financial constraints are lured by these counterfeit doctors. Complications from botched surgical procedures can cause infections, sometimes they even kill patients. Stay away from quack doctors. Your cosmetic surgeon should have a medical degree and be board certified among other qualifications. It is also important to remember that every doctor develops a unique procedure style. Results from a face lift will look quite different depending on the operating surgeon. Throughly complete your research and select a doctor with a surgery style you agree with.

3. Effects

Plastic surgery is one of the most competitive specialties in medicine. Surgeons in this field are always expected to be on top of the latest technologies and techniques. Our culture relies heavily on youthfulness and aesthetic perfection. There is an immense amount of pressure for people to dip into the fountain of youth and for cosmetic surgeons to be able to provide this fountain. Sometimes with introduction of new techniques or technologies it is quite difficult to predict long term effects. Do not be roped into a procedure involving new techniques or technologies if your surgeon does not disclose long term effects.

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