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Avoid These Cosmetic Surgery Mistakes (That Lead to a Lawsuit)

In 2011, Americans spent nearly $10 billion on cosmetic surgery procedures. Unfortunately, not every dollar spent on cosmetic surgery is legitimate. Patients eager to receive cosmetic surgery at an affordable price often make the following cosmetic surgery mistakes. To avoid the physical consequences, as well as a medical malpractice lawsuit, avoid these common cosmetic surgery mistakes.


Botched Botox

Botox is the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S. Unfortunately, lax laws and regulations have led to an increase in botched Botox procedures, leaving many patients with a painful, undesirable appearance. Because many states do not require procedures to be performed by licensed doctors, many Botox procedures are performed by inexperienced, non-licensed practitioners.


If you are interested in receiving Botox treatment, look for a licensed physician with plenty of experience. Although it may be appealing to look for the best deal, the quality could possibly suffer, and you could find yourself in a painful medical malpractice lawsuit.


Awake During Surgery

Marketed as a way to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic surgery at a more reasonable price, patients can now receive a combination of local anesthetics that will allow them to stay awake during their cosmetic surgery procedure. Why is this a cosmetic surgery mistake? It actually has nothing to do with the comfort of the patient; in fact, it’s likely you will experience severe discomfort throughout the experience. Instead, it is a way for surgeons without a plastic surgery background to avoid the red tape involved in bringing in a licensed anesthesiologist into the procedure.


cosmetic surgeon


Understanding “Board Certified”

It’s important to check your cosmetic surgeon’s background. In fact, not checking their background can be one of the biggest cosmetic surgery mistakes you can make, since there is very little regulation on who can perform cosmetic surgery procedures. But, what does “Board Certified” really mean? This misleading phrase does not automatically mean that your cosmetic surgeon has a background in plastic surgery; it only means that they are board certified for something–whether it’s radiology or dermatology. A great resource for checking the legitimacy of your surgeon’s board certification is the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.


Medical Malpractice Attorney for Cosmetic Surgery Mistakes

If you have fallen victim to a cosmetic surgery mistake, contact the Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas online or call us toll-free at 1-866-760-0358 for a free consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injury.