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Be the Perfect Holiday Host

Many of us go to an annual Christmas party at least once a year – for your job, your neighborhood, or your group of closest friends and family. If you are the host of these highly anticipated parties, you know you are truly appreciated for saving the rest of us from utter exhaustion. It is possible that in the midst of cleaning and cooking, setting the table and decorating the house, you may forget a very high priority, the safety of your guests in your home. Personal injury cases are almost always an accident, and during the holiday season, the last thing you want is to deal with an injury that could have easily been avoided. You don’t want your guests leaving in an ambulance or scared to come back. Here are a few quick steps to make sure your house is ready for guests!


Make A Clear Path


Whether it’s out of place cords or dog toys, make sure to keep the walking area clear of anything that may cause someone to slip-and-fall. Electronic holiday decorations such as lights over your mantel and around your Christmas tree are great ways to fully indulge in the holiday spirit, but make sure the cords are out of sight! Not only will a slip-and-fall ruin the decor, it may also seriously injure someone. Unfortunately, you are responsible for all injuries and damages at your house, no matter if it is an accident. Be sure to quickly clean up after any mess and keep those cords hidden.


Take Care of Your Pets


Of course your dog is your best friend, but he shouldn’t get an invite to your holiday event this year. You may have the friendliest dog in the world, but it isn’t unusual for house pets to get overwhelmed with large crowds. A dog-bite can bring no harm, or send someone to the hospital depending on how severe it is. Find a pet sitter for the evening or a prepare a safe place for them to relax away from the overstimulating party. Most pet owners are lucky enough to have a nice neighbor who would be willing to board your animals for a couple of hours or set a play date with their pets as well!


Serve Responsibly


Punch and parties go hand-in-hand. House parties can be deceiving to guests who feel very comfortable in your home and allow the number of drinks they’ve had slip away from their memory. Of course adults can make their own decisions, but if you are serving up the drinks, you should keep an eye on your guests to avoid trouble. Just like a bar, party hosts can be held partially responsible for guests who cause accidents due to drunk driving. Over-serving is hard to avoid but at all costs, you should be aware and try to manage the situation. As always, make sure your guests have access to a safe driver and use your judgment before handing them their keys.

Being the host of a holiday party comes with a lot of responsibilities that should not be avoided. It’s all fun and games until someone gets seriously injured in an accident. If someone has been injured at your party or you were injured at a holiday house party event, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas for a free consultation.