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Common Preventable Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen daily. Many of these accidents result in serious injury, sometimes even death. No motorcyclists hops on their bike with knowledge that they will be involved in an accident. It is rather unfortunate that most motorcycle accidents preventable. Reckless driving, poor maintenance, and inexperience with motorcyclists are common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Listed below are 3 preventable motorcycle accidents.

1. Doors left open

Open door accidents are caused by drivers carelessly opening their doors as oncoming motorcyclists approach. These accidents usually occur in urban areas or downtown locations where side street parking is available. Liability for these accidents usually fall upon parked drivers. As such, parked drivers should be encouraged to practice more preventive measures. As a parked driver always be sure to check for oncoming drivers especially motorcyclists. In comparison to d driver in an automobile, a motorcyclist has way less protection on the road. An open door accident for a motorcyclist can cause way more damage in relation to that of a vehicle driver.

2. Not yielding

Failure to yield is another common, but easily preventable motorcycle accident. These accidents are usually caused by motorcyclists disappearing into the blind spot of automobile drivers. Motorcycles are generally small in size, this makes it all too easy for them to get hidden in blind spots. Different failure to yield scenarios include:

  • entering a highway or freeway through the access road
  • lane changes
  • entering or exiting a parking lot
  • right hand turns
  • weaving through intersections that are regulated by traffic controls

When a driver does not yield to oncoming motorcyclists the results can be tragic. The motorcyclist could be violently thrown off their bike and be sent skidding across the pavement. Injuries could include fractured bones, broken bones, or traumatic head injury.

3. Abrupt stops

As stated before, motorcycles are smaller in size than automobiles. The small size of motorbikes makes it easy for drivers to make sudden, stops, effortlessly weave in an and out of traffic, and enter relatively small spaces. If for any reason, a motorcyclists has to make a sudden stop and the tailing car does not react quickly enough this could be disastrous. The tailing driver may rear end the motorcyclists and send them sailing forward. They could be thrown off their bike and skid across the rough pavement, or they could land on the car in front of them. In both scenarios injuries would be severe and damages would be serious. If you are a driver tailing a motorcyclist, give enough space between the two of you. The sheer size and impact of an automobile can completely total a motorcycle and severely harm a motorcyclist.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us at Colley and Colley. Our lawyers can help you seek rightful compensation.