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Did You Get A New Car This New Year?

The holidays give us the perfect excuse to splurge on exactly what we want–a new car. After taking off all the ribbons and bows it’s time to actually take it on the road, but how do you keep your new wheels safe throughout the year? Here are some tips for avoiding accidents and keeping your new car dent-free.


Avoid Bad Weather Whenever Possible

When the weather is bad, driving conditions can be pretty much unpredictable. We’ve all heard the horror stories of accidents that would have been prevented had the weather been agreeable, so do your best to avoid driving if possible. If driving is unavoidable, then make sure to use safe driving practices by giving yourself ample amount of time to stop and drive slower than usual.


Limit Cell Phone Use

Here in Austin we have a hands-free law for cell phones, but even talking over Bluetooth can cause a driving distraction that makes your odds of getting in an accident significantly higher. Try to limit your cell phone use to emergency calls only–you’ll be safer in the long run.


Never Drive Under The Influence

Not only are there serious legal implications, but your chances of getting in a car accident after drinking or using drugs increases dramatically. As a rule, only drive when you are completely sober and always designate a driver or call a cab if you plan to drink.


Check Your Blind Spot

This may seem obvious, but many people often fail to check their blind spot when changing lanes. This is the cause for many accidents per year, and is especially dangerous for motorcyclists. If you have a bad habit of forgetting about your blind spot, invest in additional side mirrors that help eliminate this danger.


Avoid Night Driving

There are a few reasons that driving at night can increase your odds of getting into an accident. For starters, your vision is impaired, which puts you at risk for hitting an unseen object. Another reason is to avoid falling asleep at the wheel–especially if you have been up all day. If you can opt to leave in the morning, it’s safer to skip driving at night.


These are just a few ways you decrease your chances of getting into an automobile accident in your new car. Of course, accidents happen, and you may still find yourself in some sort of wreck. If that happens, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas for a free consultation.