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Know the Signs of Chlorine Poisoning this Summer

chlorine poisoning

The Burnet swim team in Austin recently had to visit the emergency room after they took a swim in a YMCA pool. The pool had experienced a chlorine leak after a power outage, leading to swimmers suffering from chlorine poisoning. Fortunately, none of the swimmers were severely injured. But, this incident raises the question: do you know the signs of chlorine poisoning? If you or your child experience any of these symptoms while swimming this summer, leave the pool immediately.

Red, Itchy Eyes

We all know that chlorine hurts your eyes– it’s why we advise kids to wear goggles while playing in the pool. Although this may be a somewhat common symptom for kids playing in the pool, it shouldn’t occur if they have not been underwater or if they have been wearing goggles. Pay attention while at the pool; are your eyes irritated just from you standing near the pool? This will be accompanied by a strong smell of chlorine that should urge you to leave.


This sign is especially important if it’s followed by vomiting. Children have a tendency to feel sick if they’ve eaten right before going swimming, but if the nausea is followed by any of the other symptoms, it is likely to be the result of chlorine poisoning.

Irritated Skin

Chlorine, like most chemicals, causes irritation to skin. If the pool has too much chlorine, the skin will start to burn and turn red. If this occurs, immediately leave the pool and rinse off under a cool shower.

Difficulty Breathing

The odor of chlorine has an effect on the way you breathe. You may begin to feel like you are suffocating, or experiencing shallow breathing. This effect can happen both inside and around the pool area.

What to do if you Experience Chlorine Poisoning?

The good news is that these symptoms are painful, but not life-threatening if you remove yourself from the area as soon as you notice the symptoms. If overexposure happens often, there may be more life-threatening consequences and you should seek medical help.

kids swimming

Austin Attorney for a Safe Summer

There are many benefits to chlorinated pools, and usually chlorine keeps us safe from germs and bacteria. But, because of the danger too much chlorine poses, pools are required to check their chlorine levels often to keep the public safe. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured by pool chlorine, contact the Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas online or call us toll-free at 1-866-760-0358 for a free consultation.