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Loss Of Feeling Or Senses After A Motorcycle Accident

The thought of being involved in an accident is scary. The thought of being on a motorcycle accident can be even more frightening, especially a serious one. Risks of being seriously injured when hit on a motorcycle are frightening and high, however sometimes the actual damages from the accident aren’t as apparent as you might think. In fact, many times riders might not know the actual extent of their injuries until weeks or even months after. motorcycle accident

After a motorcycle accident, a rider may need immediate medical attention to remedy things like broken bones or lesions. After being rushed to a hospital and stabilized for your condition, you might be well enough to go home and attempt to carry on with your life. Despite your motorcycle possibly being wrecked, you have your life and will attempt to get back to work and your normal routine. That is, until you start to realize that something just isn’t the same.

Often times after a motorcycle accident, victims will report severe loss of sensory and nerve response in patches of skin, joints, and sometimes even entire limbs. This could mean something acute, such as a tingling sensation or possible loss of feeling in certain conditions. However sometimes these symptoms are more serious and could pose actual concern and difficulty in carrying on with your normal life. Whole areas where there is no feeling, no sensation to the skin, and in some cases even some loss of motor control of an apendage, can all stem from being in an unfortunate motorcycle accident.

These lost sensations or feelings of your skin and parts of your body are more serious than you might first assume and should be met with just compensation. It could be difficult to know exactly when a part of your body is hot or cold, thus causing health complications. You may also not be aware when these limbs or skin areas are in danger of other risks such as being poked, pricked, or even burned, all because your accident has caused severe nerve damage.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident due to the reckless driving of another motorist, you should not have to suffer more hardships than needed. Medical bills, time off work, and even the extended loss of well-being due to injuries sustained, should all be met by the compensation and compassion of the driver at fault. Contact Colley & Colley L.L.P. today to speak with a legal adviser about your claim.