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May 11: Austin Don’t Rush Day

austin don't rush

Austin’s Mayor Steve Adler has a new way to combat Austin’s horrific rush hour traffic. He proposes that May 11th, 2016 is a city-wide Don’t Rush Day, which encourages Austin commuters to try a new method of transportation other than driving, or to work a flex schedule. This day will hopefully shed light on some of the other ways of commuting to work that can help alleviate Austin’s traffic problem. Here are just a few methods of transportation to try on Don’t Rush Day.

Take the Bus

The bus gets a bad rep. Many commuters have a negative view of bus riding and are nervous to try it out. The truth is, riding the bus to work has many perks. For one, many busses have routes that are popular among business professionals because of the free wifi offered on the busses. This means that your commute doesn’t have to be a wasted hour. In fact, you may even talk to your boss about using your commute as work time if you are able to answer emails and make calls during your commute to and from work. Need more convincing? Capital Metro is offering free rides on Don’t Rush Day– so there’s no risk to try it out.

Ride Your Bike

Another way to kill two birds with one stone– get your daily workout in and get to work all at once. Get familiar with Austin’s bike routes before Don’t Rush Day and test out a biking commute. Don’t have a bike? Try B-Cycle, a bicycle renting service that is offered on many street corners. They are offering free rentals for the day on May 11th.

Work From Home

Why not skip the commute altogether? If you are able, try working from home on Austin Don’t Rush Day. Since the mayor is in on the action, it’ll be much easier to bring the topic up to your boss. If you show your boss you are able to stay productive working from home, they just might make it a more regular event.

work from home

We hope everyone enjoys their Don’t Rush Day; we know we will. This message is brought to you by the law offices of Colley & Colley, Austin’s personal injury attorneys.