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New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Text and Drive!

text and drive

Although Austin has now implemented a hands-free device law while driving, many citizens have still failed to break their dangerous habit. The city of Austin announced that they handed out over 5,000 traffic citations due to texting and driving in 2015. With the new year ringing in, we want to provide you with a few ways to kick your habit to the curb and never text and drive again.


Turn It Off

The easiest way to avoid texting and driving is by simply turning your cell phone off. The important part is that you leave it off the entire time you drive. Although this may seem like the simplest approach, many people do not like the idea of not being able to utilize any of their cell phone’s features like GPS and Bluetooth calling.


Do Not Disturb

For many, the hardest part of resisting the urge to text and drive is hearing the notification of an incoming text. Fortunately, many phones have a setting that allow them to ignore incoming notifications called “do not disturb.” This differs from putting your phone on silent because your phone will not vibrate when you receive a text, it simply will not allow a text to be received until you turn the setting off, and you will still be able to use g GPS and make outbound Bluetooth calls. We suggest utilizing this setting in order to avoid the desire to respond to a text.


Out of Reach

Similar to changing your phone’s settings to disable incoming texts while you drive, keeping your phone out of sight while you drive will make texting nearly impossible. An easy way to accomplish this is by placing your phone in the pocket behind the driver’s seat, or any place that is out of reach to you while you drive. Your car’s Bluetooth will still be able to reach the phone, but GPS will not be available through your phone, so this is not a long term solution. This method may seem a little drastic, but once you become comfortable with the idea of not texting and driving you won’t have to continue to do this.


There’s an App for that

There are many apps that have been developed that are meant to curb your desire to text and drive. We encourage you to search for one that seems to best suit your needs. Live2Txt and Canary are two apps that are dedicated to stop texting and driving, but these are just a small sample of the many that are available.
Whichever method works best for you, we encourage you to make your New Year’s Resolution to never text and drive again. It will save you money, and possibly save your life. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident regarding texting and driving, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas for a free consultation.