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The Pains of a Motorcycle Accident

Many of us long for late afternoon rides uphill, feeling the rush of wind on our skin and the roaring sound of our motorcycle blazing towards the sunset. Downhill, we get a feeling of calm as the last bit of daylight fades from the horizon. This is the glamour of riding a motorcycle. But the truth of the matter is that there are other vehicles on the road – cars, vans and trucks that have their own ways of driving, disregarding other vehicles and pedestrians, and sometimes colliding with a motorcycle, all because ‘I did not see him coming.’

Between 2001 and 2009, about 1.2 million individuals were admitted in emergency rooms for motorcycle accident related injuries. Furthermore, over 34,000 deaths were recorded during the same time frame.

According to studies, it is found that about 80% of motorcycle accidents are caused by other vehicles on the road, and not the riders themselves. Experts say that perhaps most vehicle drivers are still not ready and equipped to share the road with motorcyclists, which are now increasing in number. They do not know how to act around them, and a moment’s worth of negligence could spell disaster for both parties.

Because of the difference in the sizes of a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle, it can be anticipated that the rider’s injuries will be more severe and debilitating. Apart from physical injuries, the rider will also have to endure lengthy treatment, costly rehabilitation, lost income and high medical bills to deal with.

Here are some of the common types of injuries that motorcycle accidents cause:

TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury

Motorcycle riders and passengers are all required to wear helmets. A helmet will not always be able to protect a rider from a TBI, but it greatly reduces the risk of it by as much as 3 times compared to a rider who does not wear one. Because this type of injury directly impacts the brain, the more severe cases tend to result in permanent disability, paralysis, leaving the patient in a vegetative state, and even death.

Spinal Cord Injury

A motorcycle rider whose back hits a hard surface – such as the pavement or another car, can have spinal cord injuries. Such can result in herniated or slipped disc, nerve damage, paralysis, and chronic back pain


The impact of a motorcycle accident can leave the rider with broken and fractured bones. In severe cases, fractures require the insertion of plates, screws or rods in order to repair the broken bone.


Depending on the impact, the accident could have serious disfiguring effects on the rider. It can be burns and lacerations that can cause scarring, and serious limb injuries that can result in amputation.

Road Rash

This is a painful injury to the skin caused by the rough abrasion of it against rough surfaces.

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