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Protecting Yourself at Work During Flu Season

As winter starts drawing nearer the dangers of getting sick are increased. But have you considered what being sick means for you? While you are probably aware of any dangers at your workplace you might not realize that catching the flu can be as detrimental as accidents involving manual labor, machinery, and chemical poisoning. The germs and sicknesses that lurk in every workplace could be the ones that cause you the worst outcome.

An unsafe workplace does not necessarily mean that there are physical obstacles or hazards that could fall or trip you. Instead, a hazardous workplace could be an unsanitary environment where germs proliferate. But where exactly are the places that are often overlooked by employees until it’s too late and they’re calling in sick and planning an emergency trip to the doctor?

Office Refrigerator

That same fridge you put your lunch in everyday and is accessed by nearly the entire office could actually be harboring some very threatening germs. Spilled food and condiments breed bacteria and germs that are kept alive longer by the cold, spreading these same germs to your lunch containers–inevitably making their way to your mouth. Make sure your office has a strict fridge cleaning process.


Often times many employees don’t realize how close contact they are with germs every time they use a phone. Because the phone is pressed up against your face, any bacteria from your mouth or ear is transmitted to the next person and vice versa. Any germs or illnesses spread from another employee to the phone could easily be transmitted through a single answering of a call. Try to frequently disinfect your telecom devices using Lysol or other disinfectant wipes.

Computer Keyboards

Many health and pathogenic researchers that have done case studies on office settings have found that computer keyboards harbor some of the most serious germ colonies in the entire office. Germs and other grimy substances are transferred from fingers in between keys, and eventually to the next user. Make sure you regularly use keyboard cleaner to reduce the risk of catching a cold or anything worse simply at your desk.

Getting sick and losing time on the clock can result in lost wages and financially hard times for an employee. If you feel your workplace’s health standards were not sufficient and your employer made less than a reasonable attempt to protect employees from getting sick, contact Colley Law to speak with an attorney. Becoming sick can be preventable in the right situation.