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The 5 Worst Cities for Drivers in Texas

worst cities for drivers

We all have our ideas on which cities have the worst drivers and roadways, but how accurate are your assumptions? Below is a list of the worst cities for drivers in Texas based on the total number of car accidents reported by the Texas Department of Transportation for the 2014 calendar year.


#1: Houston

If you were guessing that the worst city for drivers in Texas was going to be Houston, you guessed right. Houston has gained a stigma for bad drivers, possibly due to the fact that they have been ranked as the least courteous drivers in the nation, and it turns out the rumors are true. In 2014, Houston experienced a whopping 60,472 reported crashes–nearly 20,000 more than any other city in Texas.

Fatalities: 227

Incapacitating Injuries: 1,222

Total Crashes: 60,472


#2: Dallas/Fort Worth

Residents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have been shown to waste over 20.6 hours a year sitting in traffic–an improvement from previous years, but still not something to brag about. This area has the highest number of reported fatalities and incapacitating injuries compared to any of the other cities and a combined total of 40,570 reported crashes in 2014, making it the second worst city for drivers in Texas.

Fatalities: 234

Incapacitating Injuries: 1,632

Total Crashes: 40,570


#3: San Antonio

It’s not a surprise that San Antonio ranks third on the list of worst cities for drivers in Texas. It was recently reported that 14 of the most congested roadways in Texas are in San Antonio’s city limits. So, it comes as no shock to find that San Antonio is right behind Dallas/Fort Worth with 37,382 total crashes reported in 2014.

Fatalities: 149

Incapacitating Injuries: 819

Total Crashes: 37,382


#4: El Paso

The city with a drinking problem, El Paso is home to a startling number of alcohol related accidents. This makes this city the fourth worst city for drivers in Texas with a total number of reported accidents at 12,597–considering the population is just under 700,000 residents, this number is pretty substantial–beating out Austin, which is home to just under a million residents.

Fatalities: 47

Incapacitating Injuries: 190

Total Crashes: 12,597


#5: Austin

As we recently reported, Austin saw a record-breaking number of fatalities in 2015. These statistics were reported by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for 2014, so Austin’s position may change once the updated comprehensive report is released, but in 2014 Austin ranked 5th on the list of worst cities for drivers in Texas, with a total number of reported crashes at 11,955.

Fatalities: 58

Incapacitating Injuries: 452

Total Crashes: 11,955


These are the worst cities for drivers in the state of Texas due to the likelihood of being involved in a car accident. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident that resulted in death or injury, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.