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The Most Romantic Austin Hotels for Valentine’s Day: Helpful Tips

downtown austin hotels valentines day

Less than one week away from Valentine’s Day, and you still haven’t planned a romantic evening for your significant other. That’s okay, we have your back. Don’t let the stress of last minute planning cause you to book one of the less-than-satisfactory downtown Austin hotels on Valentine’s Day. Instead, use our helpful tips to choosing the perfect evening.


Benefits of Booking a Hotel

If you’re looking for an easy way to impress your date, a staycation is most likely to please. Not to mention it allows for you and your date to enjoy the evening in Austin’s city-center without having to travel far for entertainment. This means that you can both indulge in boozy delights without worrying about driving home. Heck, many downtown Austin hotels have popular, luxurious bars located right on the main floor. If you’re looking for a safe night that both you and your date can enjoy, we recommend choosing a hotel in downtown Austin, but in such a time crunch, what should you avoid when booking a hotel?


Most Common Hotel Injuries

There’s nothing that can kill a romantic evening quite like an injury. With the heat of Valentine’s Day in full swing, many downtown Austin hotels are eager to fill their space, and even dingy hotels will surely benefit from couples looking for a romantic staycation. Although you may be in a rush to book a hotel, make sure you do your research to avoid hotels that have complaints filed that include any of these common hotel injury claims:


Slips and Falls: One of the most common reasons for hotel injuries, slips and falls often occur because of improper railings, outdated stairs, uneven pavement, poor lighting and slippery floors. When booking a downtown Austin hotel, look into the maintenance of the facility. If the hotel’s pictures are questionable, it may not be the best place to book your evening–especially if you want to avoid a visit to the emergency room.


Inadequate Security: Unfortunately, even shady characters are aware that Valentine’s Day is a time for excessive spending and luxurious gifts, which makes those that participate in this holiday a target for criminals. Before booking, ask about hotel security. Is the parking lot lit or under surveillance? Is there a safe in the room? These are all valuable questions to avoid a loss at a hotel in downtown Austin during Valentine’s Day.


Pool & Hot Tub Accidents: We definitely understand the attractiveness of taking a dip into a hot tub or pool on Valentine’s Day, but be weary of injuries that could occur in these places. Check for slip resistant floors and don’t linger in a hot tub for more than 15 minutes. If the hot tub is over 104 degrees, ask the staff to turn it down as this could lead to severe injury.


Defective/Infested Furniture: This could make or break the latter part of the evening. Always check a hotel bed for the presence of bed bugs before unpacking. The best places to check for these creatures are the four corners of the mattress and the luggage rack. If you and your date tend to be particularly frisky, it may be wise to check the sturdiness of other furniture around the room, as defective furniture causes many hotel injuries. When booking a last-minute hotel in downtown Austin, you may want to ask if they have regular bed bug and furniture maintenance to avoid running into this unfortunate situation.


Our Recommendations

There are many luxurious downtown Austin hotels that are sure to please your date, regardless of their taste. Here are a few of our favorite picks if you are searching for a Hotel in downtown Austin for Valentine’s Day.


South Congress Hotel: This sleek new hotel is located on South Congress, one of Austin’s most lively areas if you’re looking for fun, food and drinks. They are offering a Valentine’s Day weekend special that includes a $50 credit for brunch at their cafe and a bottle of champagne waiting in your room.


The Driskill: Located right off 6th Street, this hotel is perfect for the couple looking to get wild. The hotel features the Driskill Grill, one of the most romantic restaurants in Austin, and is best for those looking to spend a pretty penny on their evening. Don’t worry, with its elegant decor and prime location, you won’t regret a cent.


Lone Star Court: Perfect for the couple that wants to nuzzle up. This hotel is located right near the Domain and features fire pits and outdoor rocking chairs. Choose between two Valentine’s day packages that include either a spa day or s’more experience. A more affordable option, this romantic boutique hotel is great for relaxation with your special someone.    


Regardless of your plans, we want you to stay safe on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, some accidents can be unpredictable. If you or a loved one are injured while staying at a hotel in downtown Austin, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas for a free consultation.