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Tips for Buying Children’s Toys this Holiday Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday activities are in full swing. Your kid has already given you their perfected wish list, and it’s time for you to hit the stores. There are probably a few things on there you’ve never heard of before, and a few that are so expensive you wouldn’t even buy them for yourself. So, while you’re trying to figure out what Santa can surprise your children with this year, take into account the safety of the toys and gadgets your children are asking for this holiday season.

We all hope that the presents we buy at Toys ‘R Us are pre-approved to ensure our children’s safety, but that isn’t always the case. Monthly, defective toys are recalled for negligent design or improper safety standards. When buying children’s toys, be sure to take a little extra time to ensure your new toys do not have the possibility of defect. Here are a few key indicators and suggestions for avoiding defective toys this holiday season.

Avoid Lead Paint

Less and less, manufacturers are using lead paint to decorate toys, but it is still a major safety hazard. Small children are especially prone to putting anything and everything in their mouth, and eating lead paint can guarantee a trip to the hospital, no doubt. Many mainstream toy manufacturers like Fisher-Price or Mattel have been busted on several occasions for including lead paint as a cheap, yet highly poisonous, alternative.

Follow Age Restrictions

Many toys are made up of small, detachable pieces, that create major choking hazards for small children who do not understand the concept of edible vs. non-edible objects. If you are unsure, check the box for any warning labels that indicate an age range or a specific hazard associated with the toy. These restrictions are placed on the toy not to hinder what your child can or cannot play with, but rather they are there to indicate a safer choice with less risk for injury.

Stay Up-To-Date with Recalls

Children’s toys are constantly being recalled for a numerous amount of reasons. Sometimes for things like lead paint, other times it has to do with where the toy was manufactured and what safety precautions were used or avoided. Once your child has given you a list of what they want, double check to see past reviews on amazon or look at the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recent recalls list, which is constantly updated to keep consumers aware of defective products. There is no such thing as being too safe when finding the perfect gift you know your child can safely enjoy for months or years to come.


Defective toys are sound reason for making a product liability claim against the manufacturer, supplier, distributor or retailer. The risk of buying a toy this holiday season can be reduced by following these guidelines when shopping. If you purchase a defective toy that caused harm to your children or someone you know, contact Colley & Colley law firm for a free consultation. You can be compensated for purchasing a toy with a dangerous design, an improper manufacturing process, or a lack of warnings for possible risk.