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Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Austin, Texas


A new list has emerged listing the top five most dangerous intersections in Austin, Texas determined by the number, frequency and severity of car accidents. In response to two fatal crashes in South Austin at the end of the summer, City Councilmember Ann Kitchen brought this topic to the attention of the community that a fix should be made for everyone’s safety. The top 5 most dangerous intersections in Austin are ranked as follows.


  1. West Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road (South Austin)
  2. Lamar Boulevard and Rundberg Lane (North Austin)
  3. Lamar Boulevard and Parmer Lane (North Austin)
  4. U.S. 183 Service Road and Cameron Road (Northeast Austin)
  5. I-35 Southbound Service Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (near Downtown)


Ann Kitchen has proposed a major effort of $4 million to improve the road structures and increase safety by creating medians and widening turning lanes, among other things that could take a significant amount of time. Fortunately, there are safety precautions the community can take while the construction is in progress.


Intersection Safety Tips


Think Twice Before Turning Left

If you are unsure of your decision to turn left or not, it is best to refrain. Although it can be very frustrating waiting on an arrow or a green light, two minutes is worth it when avoiding a car accident. Whether your view is obstructed or there is a traffic jam, you should stay in your lane and wait until a clear, available moment to turn.


Don’t Speed Up to Make the Light

The purpose of a yellow light is to alert drivers to slow down and prepare for the red. All too often drivers are in too much of a hurry and attempt to speed through the yellow light to continue on their way. This is the reason most red light running occurs. Instead, consider slowing down in order to not only keep yourself safe, but also the other drivers who have waited for their light to turn green.


Make a Complete Stop Before Turning Right

When the light is red, the right lane is still able to turn as long as there is no oncoming traffic and room to merge. Unfortunately, many people choose to treat the red light as a yield sign, not giving themselves enough time to assess their situation and potentially turning into another car. A turn should not be rushed in order to attempt to beat traffic. Patience is key.

Austin locals are very aware of the overcrowding and massive growth of the city. In order to keep your community safe on the road, heed these intersection safety rules. If you or someone you know has recently been involved in a car accident at an intersection, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas for a free consultation.