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Worker’s Compensation, Do I Have the Right to Vacation?

If you have recently won a claim to receive worker’s compensation due to a work related injury or other personal injury, you may be wondering if you can still follow through with your holiday vacation plans.

Short Answer: YES. You are allowed to go on vacation while on worker’s compensation.

What’s the catch? The court does not expect you to live in solidarity while injured. You have the right to continue enjoying your life as much as possible. Unfortunately, if you have too much fun, you may be investigated for a fraudulent report.

A red flag is immediately raised by the defendant if a worker’s compensation accident or claim comes immediately before or after an extravagant planned vacation. A particular set of rules are set for those who would like to vacation while on worker’s compensation. Strict restrictions are placed on the employee’s activity and are presented to the court as legal obligations to follow, such as cancelling or missing doctor appointments due to traveling.

With these requirements defined, a traveling victim with worker’s compensation must plan accordingly. Remember that even the slightest strain can be considered too much for a doctor – like standing in line for airport security or laying in the sun all day. If your injury requires you to remain seated or shaded at all times, you must set up accommodations in advance and prove to the court that you are able to travel under the restrictions.

Luckily, doctors or physical therapists have ways to work with you if you are injured and on vacation. At home exercises are usually assigned to those traveling. Remote doctors that have a standing history with your hometown doctor can also provide treatment at your destination in order to stay vigilant with your rehabilitation.

Believe it or not, many insurance companies will closely investigate your activities while on vacation in order to disprove an injury and claim a fraudulent case. If they happen to find the victim acting outside the realm of the restrictions, it is likely he will lose all benefits from the case settlement. This is why it is very important to get clear, constructive advice from doctors to present to the court before leaving for a trip. The less confusion on what you can and cannot do, the less likely your chances of getting busted by an insurance investigator.

The easiest way reveal a worker’s compensation fraud is through social media. People fail to realize how public their posts actually are. If someone wants to find you on social media they can and will. Of course you shouldn’t be acting out of restriction, but make sure the pictures that are posted do not make a false impression of what your are doing during vacation.

The best way to ensure a relaxing vacation while on worker’s compensation is to consult with your lawyer about your traveling plans. The personal injury attorneys at Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas are willing to help you get through your worker’s compensation claim while enjoying your vacation time. Contact Colley & Colley in Austin, Texas for a free consultation.