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Worst Cases of Road Rage in Austin Caught on Video

road rage in austin

A recent video has emerged of two men engaging in a pretty intense public fight fueled by road rage off Slaughter and I-35 in Austin, Texas on Monday. The men are shown beating each other with a bat and wooden pole of some sort. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Austin drivers to engage in this dangerous behavior. Here’s the video from yesterday, followed by previous cases of road rage in Austin.



Stabbed in the Face

Earlier this month a woman was stabbed in the face and chest by 41-year-old Carlos Reyna after a road rage incident. The woman and Reyna exchanged words and profane hand gestures after his truck swung out in front of her vehicle in order to back into a driveway. Reyna later stood in front of her car to block her from leaving. The woman rolled down her window to address Reyna, which he then approached the window and stabbed her repeatedly in the face and chest. He was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Read the story here.


Sword Fight

Last May, an Austin man took a picture of another man’s license plate at an intersection to report him for reckless driving. The driver, a man named Kia Paya-Akhavan, was not pleased by this, and followed this man until both parties pulled over. The parties engaged in a fist fight that was broken up by another driver. For Paya-Akhavan, this was not the end of the argument. He later showed up at the man’s house with a sword. After attacking the man’s car, Paya-Akhavan drove away only to return later with a homemade weapon that consisted of a big stick that had two socket wrenches hanging from ropes at the top. The two engaged in another fight, and Paya-Akhavan was arrested for two counts of aggravated assault with deadly weapon and one count of assault with a vehicle. Read the full story here.


Repeated Offender

An Austin man has several reports of intimidating drivers in incidents of aggravated road rage. Watch the video below.


These are just a few of the many road rage incidents that occur in Austin. It is important to keep your cool on the road and avoid participating in any altercations that could quickly escalate into violent attacks. If you have been a victim of road rage, contact Colley & Colley law firm in Austin, Texas for a free consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injury or damages.